Friday, 21 January 2011

Joy Orbison - 'Untitled'

I eulogised about this man countless times in both 2009 and 2010, his exceptional work standing out from the crowd of releases that had been surfacing before and after. Peter O'Grady's production over the past 12 months has been nothing short of excellent, without doubt the most promising I've heard over this period. The steady flow of outstanding releases seems to be continuing, with 'Kissmequik' having just been signed to Hotflush, the b-side yet to be confirmed. J.O's quality control is of the very highest standard, something evidenced in his latest effort which is currently untitled.

The track was first played in Boddika's mix for Benji B's Radio 1 show just over a week ago, a mix which also featured the forthcoming 'Kissmequik'. As soon as the track begins to arise from Boddika's 'Basement', the mark of J.O. instantly impacts. A spoken sample comments "We just used to like, do our own thing, just used to like, and all that sort of thing". This is accompanied suitably by a piano chord arrangement that is so heart tearingly beautiful. This marks the wonderful introduction to a track which soon shows it alliances to deep Detroit house (as Orbison's last release signalled). A steady house rhythm begins to flow, with claps alarming on every second beat. This warms the track up, helped by the grumbling acid basseline works beneath the smooth beat and raw Detroit sounding percussion. Blissful chords once again dominate in the break, providing a brilliant foil to the deep bassline and steady beat. One other notable element within the track is also a recurring bleep sound, one which recently has characterised all J.O's work. If you listen closely the same sound can be heard in 'Kissmequik' and also 'Sicko Cell', although I can't say 'Sicko Cell' is definitely J.O's (although the signs are there).

Whether or not this will see a release almost impossible to tell. I've been waiting over a year now to get 'Gr Etiquette', 'Smother' and 'Tentative Bidding', so you can never be sure with J.O's material. However, the excellent 'Kissmequik' has been confirmed as forthcoming on Hotflush, with the b-side to the track still currently unknown at present. Perhaps this 'untitled' track will provide the flip side, especially with similar Detroit vibes and euphoric chord arrangements to 'Kissmequik' that amaze on every listen. If both tracks feature of the forthcoming release on Holtflush we may just be witnessing J.O's finest release to date. Undoubtedly so in my opinion.

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