Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Peverelist FACT Mix 132

Bristol based Tom Ford (Peverelist), the innovative dubstep producer/DJ, has recently composed a 40 minute mix for FACT magazine. The mix, which was impressively accomplished on vinyl turntable (the original way), displays the fusion of electronica/techno and dubstep which is the sound so often associated with Peverelist. You can download this brilliant mix at http://www.factmag.com/2010/03/15/fact-mix-132-peverelist/, but unfortunately I can't provide you with a tracklist as Peverelist refused to give away any information on the tracks he used within this mix.

If you like the sound of the mix or are just interested in trying out the artist generally, I would recommend looking into some of his own productions, notably his first two releases, which were his 'Roll With The Punches' EP and 'Erstwhile Rhythm' EP. More recently (November 2009) he released his first LP, 'Jarvik Mindstate', which highlights his signature fusion of electro and dubstep sounds. If you're a fan of artists such as FaltyDL and Pangaea, then I think this is the sort of sound you will appreciate.

Aside from producing and djing, Ford also runs the successful Bristol based Punch Drunk Records, which has released tracks by the likes of Shortstuff, Pinch, RSD, Guido, Gemmy, Hyetal, and of course Peverelist himself. As well as this Ford also runs a full time record store in Bristol, Rooted Records, from which you can purchase the most up-to-date dubstep/electronic records from online (http://www.rootedrecords.co.uk/) or by visiting the store (9 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, Avon, BS7 8AA) if you're ever in Bristol.

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