Thursday, 18 March 2010

'DLDRMS001' and 'Downtempo Without Being Downbeat' (BSRkR01)

Sorry to keep going on about this kid, but Joy Orbison really is something special. Recently I have downloaded two of his mixes, 'DLDRMS001' and 'Downtempo Without Being Downbeat' (BSRkR01), and even a few weeks later I can't stop listening to them.

'DLDRMS001 Mix'
Orbison's 'DLDRMS001' mix very much establishes the style of music which his label will be producing in the coming months and years. It showcases a number of young, innovative and emerging artists from both a dubstep and electronic background, as well as including a few UK garage/funky tracks. Orbison also manages to fit four of his own produced tracks in the mix as well, with the unreleased 'Smother' and 'Tentative Bidding' proving to be little gems.

'DLDRMS001' Tracklist:

1) Pearson Sound - Indelible

2) Karizma - Drumz Nightmare

3) Nu-Birth - Anytime

4) Tonya Renee - About You (Karizma Boucha Remix)

5) Altered Natives - Rass Out

6) Joy Orbison - Smother

7) Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn Remix)

8) Shed - Selection One

9) Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix/JORb Edit)

10) Joy Orbison - Tentative Bidding

11) Martyn - Hear Me

12) Joy Orbison - J.Doe

13) Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo

'Downtempo Without Being Downbeat' (BSRkR01): Orbison's 'Downtempo Without Being Downbeat' (BSRkR01) shows diversity and impeccable taste in his work, with the funky/soul sound of the mix proving he isn't confined to purely dubstep (not that that's a bad thing). The bpm (beats per minute) of the tracks on the mix range between around 90-110 bpm, contrasting the 130-140 of the DLDRMS001 mix, with this providing a more chilled out and relaxed mix which is good to lounge around with. The tracks featured on the mix are from a range of era's and generations also, varying from artists such as Arthur Russell (70s/80s) to the emerging Floating Points (aka Sam Shepherd) who is creating a cool soulful blend of house and boogie.

'Downbeat Without Being Downtempo' Tracklist:

1) Thriller - Genie

2) Floating Points - Love Me Like This

3) C.O.M.B.I. - It A Late

4) Eddie C - Make It Better

5) The Revenge - Night Flight

6) B.W.H - Stop

7) James Pants - We're Through

8) Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You

9) Fudge Fingas - DinsDins4Dada

10) Bumblebee Unlimited - Lovebug (DK Edit)

11) Arthur Russell - Hop On Down

12) Nite Jewel - Weak For Me

13) The Samps - Traincummings...

14) C.B. Funk - Subway To Cologne

15) Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

You can download both mixes by clicking on the album cover links on Orbison's myspace page, which is

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