Wednesday, 24 March 2010

George FitzGerald

George FitzGerald is a London based producer who is considered to be Joy Orbison's protege, especially after O'Grady made the promising artist the first signing to his Doldrums record label at the end 2009.

FitzGerald is yet to have any official releases to his name, however a few of his songs have found circulation on his myspace page and also in a number of mixes by established dubstep/house artists, the most notable of these being the inclusion of his track 'Don't You?' on Scuba's recent Sub:stance mix.

His sound is similar to that of Orbison's, fusing a mix of sounds that includes 2-step, house, and also elements of techno. His songs also feature the trademark Orbison looped vocals, and these add a soulful element to his electro based tracks.

FitzGerald has also a made a brilliant mix for the Take Flight Club, and this gives an insight to his own taste in music and the kind of thing we can expect to hear him playing in live DJ sets, so if you like what you hear in the mix I recommend checking out his myspace page and looking out for dates when he'll be playing near you. You can download the mix from

Tracklisting -
1. Shed – Ithaw (Ostgut Ton)
2. George FitzGerald – Weakness (White)
3. Thomas Schumacher – Pink Boots (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
4. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Aus)
5. Kalon – Haiku (Sandwell District)
6. Zombie – Digital Fauna (Mathhead)
7. Shortstuff – Progression (Formant Recordings)
8. DJ Tocadisco – Shrine feat. Chelonis R. Jones [Extrawelt Remix] (Superstar Recordings)
9. Mike Monday – Grace [Justin Martin Remix] (Dirtybird)
10. George FitzGerald – Don’t You (Forthcoming on Doldrums)
11. SBTRKT / Sinden – Kind of Familiar (White)
12. George FitzGerald – W.R (White)

FitzGerald's myspace page ( features the tracks 'Fernweh', 'Don't You?' and 'W.R.', and I'm sure that in the coming weeks and months this will be updated constantly with new tracks and releases, so make sure you look out and I'll be keeping you posted.

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