Monday, 15 March 2010

Blood Is The New Black

Blood Is The New Black is a line created by artist Mitra Khayyam, producing mainly t-shirts for both men and women along with other artworks. The aim of the brand is to display and promote the work of underground artists, photographers and designers in order to try and propel their respective careers. The brand has over 25 artists creating both unique t-shirts and artwork, which can all be found along with information of the artists at As well as this Urban Outfitters have exclusive availability on a select few of the t-shirts, and these can be purchased in their flagship stores or online at Below are a few of my favourite designs from recent releases.

Brian Donnelly - Joy Divison
Dan Monick - Storm Coming
Dan Monick - Ice Cream Truck
Dan Monick - Dino Roar
Dan Monick - Annie Goes To Hollywood
Dan Monick - Pug Dog
Bryan Ray Turcotte - Lady Liberty Hold Up
Scott Barry - Acid Trip
Keaton Henson - Beautiful Day

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