Monday, 22 March 2010

Dub Monday - Part 1.

Every Monday from now on I'm going to try and give you some info on my favourite dubstep artists... giving you some links and background info as well as places where you can find more of their music. So here goes.

Mt. Eden Dubstep

Mt. Eden Dubstep (real name Jesse Cooper), is a dubstep producer from the foothills of the mountain which gave him his name, or as he puts it "the ghettos of Mt. Eden", in New Zealand. Whilst this might seem an unlikely setting for a music genre which has its roots thousands of miles away in London and usually associated with an increasingly dark sound, I think he's one of the freshest faces in dubstep at the moment. Having also come from a background of Drum and Bass djing (using the alternative moniker, rather unsuprisingly, of Mt. Eden DnB), he has been praised for his ability to remix old tracks, having a tight production and for creating a completely new sound.

Here are some of my favourite tracks from him:

'Sierra Leone' -
'Omen' (The Prodigy) -
'Saeglopur' (Sigur Rós) -
'Silence' (Delirium ft. Sarah McLachan) -

If you like any of this then I fully recommend that you check out his album, which is available for free download here.

Get listening!
Paul Kemp.

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