Sunday, 7 March 2010

Billionaire Boys Club Season 10

Billionaire Boys Club (BBC)/Ice Cream has recently unveiled its 10th season line of clothing. For those of you who don't know the brand, it was co-founded by Pharell Williams and Japanese fashion icon Nigo (also founder of the successful A Bathing Ape brand) in 2005, and mainly produces quality casual wear in limited quantities. You can find BBC flagship stores in Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong, with high-end specialist shops and department stores in major cities being the only other places to really find the brand. In the past couple of months BBC has made a website specifically for European shoppers, allowing orders to be shipped to Europe for the first time. This is just in time for the BBC season 10 line, which has some really nice pieces as can be seen below. In the next couple of days I will be updating with the Ice Cream season 10 line.

BBC Season 10:

BBC Water Ski Show Full-Zip Hoodie

BBC Vintage Wash Crest Crewneck

BBC Sunglasses
BBC Stipped Rib Cross Logo Crewneck
BBC Sounds of the Earth T-Shirt

BBC Rocket Head T-Shirt

BBC Rip Astronaut Face Full-Zip Hoodie

BBC Coat of Arms Pullover
BBC Baseball Logo T-Shirt

BBC Regular Cut Running Dog Denim
BBC Classy Leopard T-Shirt
BBC Leather Patch Shooting Zip Cardigan
BBC Distressed Curve Logo T-Shirt

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