Thursday, 28 October 2010

24 Hour Experience - 'Together'

The wonderful diva vocals cry "Don't need it. Don't want it". Problem number one is that I do need it. Problem number two is that I really do want it. 24 Hour Experience's 'Together' is an effortlessly smooth garage/track which resonates longingly in the heads of those garage heads that know. Released on Nice n Ripe records in 1994, this is a track which for me sums up the original garage sounds, one which only seems to improve with age. Set at a slow tempo (around 125bpm) the track slowly builds, structured around a reserved skipping garage beat that incorporates more intricacies in percussive arrangement as the track progresses. The track makes its first real impact after 30 seconds however, when the beat pauses and the wonderful polyrhythmic synth chords take control, moving into a full swing once the beat is once again implemented to accompany the chords arrangements after 45 seconds.

From this moment onwards the track progresses patiently with the same weight as deep house, building slowly to the introduction of the diva vocals which really take off after the 1:45 minute mark. Cries of "Don't need it. Don't want it" warm the heart alongside the beautiful chord arrangement, and the wail of "I've got myself together" acts as the linchpin upon which the beat and vocals combine to create a truly wonderful and complete sound. Deep, patient and soulful with a real groove, does garage/house get any better than this? I haven't heard too many better than this, undoubtedly an essential on 12". Get it before it's too late.

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