Thursday, 7 October 2010

Flava On Wax EP - 'Sweet Lurv'

The groove. The soul. The jittery beats. The lofty chord arrangements. The wailing diva vocals. The grumbling sub-bass. Which of these completes UK Garage for me is impossible to decipher, and at the end of the day it is insignificant. The elements combine and interweave to create a wonderful sound, one which I find impossible not to move to. If only I had been around London in the mid-late 90's for hazy dark garage club nights, experiencing the likes of R.I.P Productions and Groove Chronicles dropping the latest smooth 12". There isn't a genre I enjoy more, uplifting yet dark, as suitable to dark dingy clubs as it is to comfortable home listening. Flava On Wax's 'Sweet Lurv', a track released on Ice Cream Records in 1996, sums up my love for UK garage.

Slowly bubbling at around 128bpm, I could nod to this track all day. The syncopated beat is smooth, hi hat's adding a shuffled rhythm. The lovely 6-note piano chord arrangement gives the track even more feeling and emphasises a swinging groove further, a factor which is completed no end by the incredible diva vocals which will grab you instantly (visit your closest doctor if not). So effective, so simple, so good. A must listen, especially for the garage heads.

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