Thursday, 7 October 2010

SBTRKT Interview - Take Flight Club

Anonymous London-based producer SBTRKT has had a fantastic year, with a number of critically acclaimed releases setting the ever mutating dubstep/house/garage alight. Collaborations with Sinden, and more successfully Sampha (whose 'Evening Glow' is a truly wonderful piece, undoubtedly one of my favourite tracks of the year) has seen his name cemented among a group of experimental artists, who look to past musical traditions to progress and create new original sounds. Ranging between 2-step, deep house and a lush dubstep sounds, his releases vary greatly in terms of style and tempo. This is testament to the artist himself, showing versatility and a desire to work beyond suffocating generic boundaries. We were lucky enough to get in touch with SBTRKT ahead of his new EP 'Step In Shadows', due for release on Young Turks at the beginning of November. We got talking about the new EP, his own personal music taste and style as well as the meaning behind the incredible tribal masks he wears when playing lives sets. You can check out the interview at the Take Flight Club website by clicking here. Enjoy.

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