Tuesday, 12 October 2010

LV Interview - Take Flight Club

'Boomslang' will be entering your ears within the next few days. And thankfully so after four very long months of waiting for the elusive dubplates to be released on a label. LV's 'Boomslang' is huge, the biggest release since Breach's 'Fatherless' in terms of its status as dubstep/garage/funky's anthem. Taking great influence from South Africa's homegrown kwaito house sound, the track has a rolling 4/4 beat that utilises African drums, alongside intricate percussive arrangements, synth stabs, deep basslines and of course Okmalumkool Kat's endearing repetitive vocals. The video for the track is also one of the best I've seen in a while, and it cements Okmalumkool Kat's reputation as one of the coolest guys in the world in my opinion, effortlessly cool. We caught up with LV to discuss their new single as well as their take on the kwaito house sound that informed 'Boomslang' so greatly. You can check the interview out at the Take Flight Club website now by clicking here. BoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangSnake.


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