Sunday, 17 October 2010

Billionaire Boys Club - October Store Releases

Crewnecks, graphic t-shirts, denim shirts, full-zip hoodies. This is what Billionaire Boys Club create best, and I'm delighted to see this is what takes up the majority of the designs for their October store releases. BBC's recent designs have shown a development and maturity which suggests the brand is improving with every line, and a few of the designs in this collection display this progression over the past few years. More refined graphics and sensible colourings are implemented, although the bright colours still have a place in the line, and rightly so in my opinion.

Business as usual for BBC, the highest quality in crewneck and graphic t-shirt designs, ones which you can't help but love. The well made crewnecks are the highlight of this series of October store releases for me, created with a lovely long slim fit in mind, as well as featuring nice colouring (the orange and pale blue colours of the 'Extravehicular Activity BBC' crewneck) and graphics (the newly re-worked curved logo - featured in a light red with the classic astronaut in a darker shade of blue). The denim shirt featured in this collection also caught my eye, plain and simple but very effective. A smart buttoned down slim fit, featuring two chest pockets, one of which features a small subtle astronaut helmet which reveals the brands identity. A good all round selection of releases in store for October; I'd recommend making purchases if you incidentally happen to be in New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong. Check out the new releases in the images below.

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream - October Store Releases:

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