Sunday, 10 October 2010

Addison Groove - 'Sexual' (Swamp 81)

Headhunter's work is unquestionably good. However, I can't help but feel he has excelled under the alias Addison Groove, a name under which he is producing original and unique music. Heavily influenced by Chicago's thriving juke/ghetto house scene, Addison's Groove Sound adopts brilliantly arranged 808 beats, wonderfully crafted chords and looped vocals which will resonate in your mind for hours after listening. Addison Groove's first release 'Footcrab', released on Swamp 81 back in March, set the tone for what is to come, dominating the dancefloors of underground music venues all over London and Bristol. Chicago juke combined with UK bass music, particularly the dubstep/funky side of the ever expanding umbrella. It's a genius sound, an experimentation with drum machine's and looped vocals, one which will no doubt divide opinions. One thing is for sure though, this sound is Addison Groove's.

His mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in April is one of my favourite's to date, exhibiting not only good mixing skills, but production work of the highest quality. Unreleased tracks including 'Nautilus', 'Battle Scene', 'Word Doc' and 'Jam Hot'. However, the track which I have been obsessing over for the past few months is 'Sexual'. The track contains a strong striving 808 beat, beautifully contrasted by the free flying synth chords which act as a lovely counter. This is good enough for me, but when the vocals slowly weep their way into the track it is made complete, with diva vocals almost whispering 'We Sexual' repeatedly in the same way as 'Footcrab' and 'Dumbshit' utilised looped vocals to match beat time, a prominent feature of juke/ghetto house. 'Sexual' has been announced for release of Swamp 81, backed with 'Work It', but no definite date of release has been given. I live in yearning for 'Sexual', it's a beautiful track, one which I think will preferred to 'Footcrab' in time, a track which has slowly wilted in the eyes of some (not myself I must add). Addison Groove is slowly working his way into your mind, hypnotising you into moving towards the dancefloor, leaving the mark of 'Footcrab' or 'We Sexual' in your mind. You can't resist it, and thankfully so. I will post the link to purchase the single as soon as it is up. Until then, just play the video below on repeat. And loudly. Very loudly.

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