Sunday, 17 October 2010

Elgato - 'Tonight/Blue' (HES015)

Hessle Audio's 15th imprint is one of their best to date, although saying that, are there any releases on the label which haven't been absolute killers. Releases varying from TRG, Pangaea, and Ramadanman to Joe, Untold and James Blake, all of which are examples of work at the height of a genre/scene, setting and completing the trends which are ever changing in a transitional industry. Simple but effective artwork, interesting and wonderful tracks; Hessle Audio have a well organised structure, one which has made them the outstanding label of the past year or so for me alongside Hotflush Recordings. Hessle's 15th imprint is the first production effort by renowned DJ Elgato, and if early indications are anything to go by this man could have many more releases ahead of him.

Receiving play from the likes of Ramadanman and Ben UFO on both Hessle's Rinse FM show as well as in live sets, 'Tonight/Blue' have been lingering in the ears of those that care for a few months now. The sounds of these tracks take from different styles, incorporating elements from dubstep, UK garage, funky and deep house, combining in a way that the sound Elgato creates in unique to himself. 'Tonight' takes deep house's characteristic of progression, and slowly builds over 8 minutes. In terms of style 'Tonight' is as varied as Elgato's DJ sets, containing wailing diva vocals, a deep sub-bass typical of dubstep, a slow syncopated drum beat which is accentuated and dominates the foreground of sound, and synthlines which forever linger behind the shield of a pulsating drum beat. As the track progresses, the diva vocal cries grow louder, gaining further prominence alongside gradually surging synth chords which bring a weight of emotion to the track along with the vox'd vocals.

'Blue' follows a similar format, but certainly differs in tempo and tone. 'Blue' is the smoother and slower of the two tracks, with it's 124bpm tempo fairly of the 130bpm pace set by 'Tonight'. 'Blue' sets things off immediately with a structured 4/4 beat which is supported by heavy sub-bass, factors which dominate the tracks structure for the majority of the 8 minute duration. Percussive intricacies frequent and provide an added layer on interest upon the strong stepping beat, whilst the soothing female vocals repeating the words "my dreams" sounding wonderful in conjunction with the deep synth chords which run throughout the track, dominated in the much part by the overriding beat which ensures you'll be stepping the night away to Elgato. A fantastic debut, on what is one of the most exciting labels around at present. Expect to be hearing more from both these, the signs are that they could be running this sound for a while. You can preview/purchase the tracks now by clicking here.

Also, check the video of Elgato mixing in The Boiler Rooms for Hessle Audio below. It's only 10-15 mins long, but displays his impeccable track selection in that short space of time, with some old school garage gems brought out on 12". Enjoy.

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