Tuesday, 1 February 2011

HomePark - Wolf Music Podcast 002

A simply outstanding mix from HomePark. The deep house duo are undoubtedly one of my favourite upcoming artists, and have shown a great progression over the past 12 months or so in their own productions. Their last effort, 'What A Day' EP released last month (available to purchase here), was brilliant, an example of the excellent works which Rob Glassett and Sam Fussell have been producing of late. The title track of the EP is brilliant, with a strong downtempo beat, smooth chord melodies and a lovely vocal sample. Essential listening.

The duo's mix for Wolf Music is just as excellent. A smooth 1 hour mix, with seamless transitions and a selection of late night underground house tracks that will make you cry. It's by far one of the most enjoyable mixes I've heard in the past few months, consistently providing deep cut after deep cut, the best in underground house. There's no tracklist available here, so a long and frustrating search is inevitable after the first few listens. But that's just part of the fun. Paris Underground Trax's 'Sexy Thing' wraps things up brilliantly, followed by an equally wonderful track, the identity of which I'm yet to discover. One hour of pure bliss. Listen below.

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