Sunday, 6 February 2011

Addison Groove - 'Sexual/Work It' (Forthcoming Swamp81)

Back in August 2010 Ramadanman included a track titled 'Sexual' at the end of his one off mix for MAH which contributed to the final 6 weeks of her Radio 1 show. As soon as I heard Addison Groove's latest effort I knew I'd become obsessed, and obsession most certainly hold (endless repetition of Kennedy's mix and low quality youtube videos has ensued). Thankfully, 'Sexual' will be seeing a 12" release on Swamp81 on the 28th February, backed with a dancefloor killer in the making in the form of 'Work It'.

For those of you unfamiliar with Addison Groove, it is the juke influenced alias of Tony Williams (aka Headhunter) who puts his unique stamp on the cult Chicago sound. The Addison Groove sound first came to prominence a year ago with the release of 'Footcrab/Dumbshit' (Swamp81 005 - March 10) on Swamp81, 'Footcrab' becoming ubiquitous the sets of taste makers such as Oneman and Loefah. This is the only release from Addison Groove to date, although over the past 7-8 months numerous tracks have appeared in a number of mixes, suggesting Williams is sitting on a number of brilliant tracks at the minute, waiting for the right time to release them. Tracks such as '5 Minutes Of Funk' (Jackmaster's URB mix - 1:15:00), 'Fuck The 101' (listed in Ramadanman's forthcoming Fabriclive mix), 'It's Getting Harder' and 'This Girl' all point towards a strong supply of 808 magic material I hope we'll be seeing released on 12" sooner rather than later.

The release of 'Sexual/Work It' is fantastic news though, and could prove to be one of biggest releases of 2011, just as 'Footcrab' functioned in the 2010. 'Sexual' is the real killer track here, formed by pulsating 808 juke percussion, a warm synth melody that continues to rise, and a smooth vocal sample that wonderfully repeats 'we sexual' throughout, gaining further emphasis as the track progresses. This is the most soulful Addison Groove has produced as of yet, and it's a style very much uited to the juke format. 'Work It' is much closer to 'Footcrab' in it's sound. A track created unapologetically with the dancefloor in mind, 'Work It' surges with a pounding 808 beat, occasional cowbell's, polyrhythmic synths and a strong vocal sample irregularly repeating 'work it'. Whilst retaining similar styles, the tracks are relatively distant in their tones and feel, and the quality here confirms to us that the success of 'Footcrab' was no fluke. Two absolute wonders here, ghetto house beautifully adapted to a equally suitable 130-140 tempo. 'Sexual' may just be the track of 2011 to date.

Addison_Groove_Sexual_Out Feb2011 by Headhunter

Addison_Groove_Work It_Out Feb2011 by Headhunter

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