Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kassem Mosse - 'Workshop 12' (WORKSHOP12)

Kassem Mosse unveiled his third 12” release on the established Workshop label this month, and duly delivered his best work to date. Over the past year or so he has built a strong reputation as one of leading producers of modern house/techno, creating deep styles which nod to past trends whilst pushing the present forward. The A-side of the EP is simply astonishing, a devastating 8 minute track that hypnotises. The looped vocal sample that establishes the track anchors its progression, with raw percussive arrangements, deep underlying sub-bass and tentative strings that alarm, forming hauntingly beautiful house music. The tracks on the B-side are more typical and standard house tracks, with a steady 4x4 rhythm, rough and ready percussive layers and a bassline which shudders throughout. The EP is a killer. The A-side is really something special.

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