Sunday, 27 February 2011

Boddika - 'Electron/Underground' (SWAMP008)

Instra:mental’s Alex Green provides his second 12" release under his solo project Boddika here for the label of the moment Swamp81. Green builds on the success of his debut ‘Boddika’s House/Syn Chron’ with two steppers in the form of ‘Electron/Underground’. The A-side, ‘Electron’, is a raw effort, created at 136bpm to give full effect to the driving 808 hits, vox’d vocal sample, polyrhythmic synths and the swelling sub-bass. ‘Underground’ brings the tempo down, still vibing off 808’s, with sparse cowbells and dark synth chords accompanying the well formed beat alongside vocal samples not to dissimilar to those used on ‘Electron’. Brilliant 808 action, with the track’s featured evidently as strong as the brilliant artwork of the sleeve and label (artwork by Ashes57). If not for the music, I'd buy the record because of the work by the guys at Ashes57 alone. There's more to come from Boddika on Swamp81 in the next couple of months or so, don't miss it.

Boddika - 'Electron'

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