Tuesday, 8 February 2011

'Sicko Cell' Forthcoming on Swamp81

After months of speculation we are still no closer to confidently knowing the identity of the producer of the simply excellent 'Sicko Cell'. However, confirmation of it's release on Swamp81 in the very near future is assured, and thankfully so. 'Sicko Cell' has caused quite a stir over the past few months, dominating the sets of Oneman, Ben UFO, J.O, Loefah, Ramadanman and Jackmaster. It is a wonderful track. It's a heavy 808 driven track, with deep bass kicks, a retro synth chord melody which is brilliantly arranged, as well as a vocal sample that is outrageously addictive ("I'm the information. Cocaine powder."). The words 'I'm the information. Cocaine powder" will stay with you indefinitely upon listening, trust me. The break is also stunning, with beautiful synthlines combining wonderfully with the infectious vocal sample. The status of the record has been no doubt heightened considerably due to the producer's anonymity, a factor which has led to endless blogging/discussion of the identity of the track's creator. We can continue to speculate, we all have our ideas, but I doubt we will be learning of the producer's identity anytime soon in all honesty.

The picture above was posted on Swamp's tumblr yesterday, and confirms four future releases. In the foreground is 'Sicko Cell', which will be release #014 on Swamp81. It will also be backed with a track which is titled 'Knock Knock'. Swamp #010 is a single from Falty DL, which will be followed by Boddika double pack that will make up release #011, definitely including the killer '2727'. Swamp81's 12th release is still unknown, and just too far in the distance in this photo to make out any details of the release. Before these quality releases, Swamp81 will also be unveiling Boddika's 'Electron/Underground' and Addison Groove's 'Sexual/Work It' in the next few weeks. This makes for an incredible catalogue of 12" releases. Swamp81 is most certainly building itself an impeccable reputation with releases of such quality.

I'm the information. Cocaine Powder. Loefah's providing the goods.

Forthcoming on Swamp 81: 008 – Boddika ‘Electron/Underground’; 009 – Addison Groove ‘Sexual/Work It’; 010 – Falty DL ‘Unknown’; 011 – Boddika ‘Unknown’; 012 – Unknown; 014 – Unknown ‘Sicko Cell/Knock Knock’.

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