Saturday, 26 February 2011

Koreless - '4D/MTI' (PICT005)

"Remember when you first heard James Blake and Ramadanman? Well, remember this is where you first heard Koreless". (Gilles Peterson, Radio 1)

That is quite a statement from Gilles Peterson, and one that should not go unnoticed by fans of UK bass music. 19 year old Lewis Roberts is a Glaswegian producer who has been quietly building himself a solid reputation over the past few months, with radio exposure in particular raising his ever growing status in the underground scene. In particular, Jamie xx's selection of 'MTI' in a mix for Benji B's radio one show confirmed this air of excitement surrounding the young producer.

Koreless's remix of Jacques Greene's 'The Look' is the track which first caught my attention, outclassing the track's original mix with his characteristic soft, atmospheric sounds. His first release is much anticipated, with each tracks receiving great support from DJ's on the circuit. '4D/MTI' will be released on Pictures Music on the 21st March, both on limited hand-printed 12" as well as digital download. This is a really strong debut effort from Koreless, featuring lovely soft melodies, strong rhythms and emotions that are the young producer's forte.

The A-side '4D' sets things off here. The track begins with a beautiful chord melody, which is soon neatly matched by the wailing cut-up Kelis vocal sample that backs the former sound rather than diverting attention from it. A smooth 2-step rhythm is soon incorporated, built upon with soft pads and persistent hi-hats. 'MTI' provides the brilliant B-side of this release, and is arguably the slightly stronger of the two. The track begins with a jarring static sound,
with an effortlessly exquisite pad melody and precisely manipulated diva wails soon balancing the harsher static sounds. The drop is wonderful, with the static sounds omitted and replaced by a driving 4x4 rhythm that is equal in prominence to the the pad arrangement, whilst vocal clips fill atmospheric gaps. A brilliant debut, one that points to a bright future for young Lewis Roberts.

Emotional dance music perfect for late night listening. Fans of Joy O, Jamie xx, Burial, George FitzGerald and Sepalcure, you have been notified.

Koreless - '4D'
Koreless - 'MTI'

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