Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fold - 'Deployming'

This one has been on repeat for the previous 72 hours. Fold produces a simply brilliant track here in the form of 'Deployming', which you can stream below. The man behind the Fold alias is Rob Glassett, also one half of the London-based deep house duo HomePark. This project sees him explore a quicker tempo, experimenting with both house and garage sounds whilst retaining select elements of deep house. You can stream Fold's tracks by clicking here.

'Deployming' has really impressed, a garage-house hybrid which Glassett produces with a great deal of composure. The track slowly builds, with intricate syncopated percussion backed with reasonable sub-bass establishing a swinging rhythm, which is soon accompanied suitably by a garage-infused beat. Ascending synthlines and a soulful diva vocal sample progressively rise throughout the duration of this introduction, gaining dominance once all percussion is paused. The drop is effective, with the well formed percussive arrangements kicking into action alongside a grumbling bassline. The break, in which a delightful synth chord melody is developed, recalls Glassett's HomePark duties, especially once the underlying bassline shadows the chord melody. It is after this that the track enters it's full fruition, with each of these elements combining to create a soulful killer.

The quality of 'Deployming' displays the talent Fold's has to offer, and I have no doubts we will soon be hearing a lot more from the London producer. Keep an eye out for the release of 'Deployming', I have a feeling we'll be seeing it on 12" in the next couple of months, it's an essential purchase. High quality control.

DEPLOYMiNG (clip) by FOLD!

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