Friday, 25 February 2011

Unknown - 'Knock Knock'

Unknown - 'Knock Knock'

Swamp81's 14th release is without doubt the most anticipated of 2011, and rightly so. 'Sicko Cell' has caused a massive storm over the past few months, with it's beautiful production, addictive sample, and the anonymity of the producer being discussed by anyone who takes a passing interest in the scene. The b-side to ‘Sicko Cell’ is titled ‘Knock Knock’, and my word does it provide strong support.

The track adopts a similar format to that of 'Sicko Cell', although it is slightly more reserved in it's style. The track is comprised of a syncopated beat, one which really drives once the succession of 808's hits. The percussion built around this is understated, and sits well in the background behind the throbbing rhythm. Cut up vox'd vocals are incorporated once again, with a tone similar to that of 'Sicko Cell's enduring vocal sample. This is effective, especially when the wonderful wailing synthlines rise, gaining prominence from the beat in multiple intervals during the track, an element which provides a dark emotion to the track. 'Knock Knock' is brilliantly produced, building the quality and reputation which 'Sicko Cell' had originally established.

'Sicko Cell/Knock Knock' will definitely be seeing a release on Swamp81, all that remains now is a question of when? I have a feeling we'll see Swamp014 surfacing on 12" in April/May, not too long to wait now. And as to the identity of the producer, 'Knock Knock' confirms my previous thoughts. He continues to raise the quality of his releases, and 'Sicko Cell/Knock Knock' sits very near the top of an almost flawless discography.

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