Thursday, 10 February 2011

Joy O - 'Wade In/Jells' (Forthcoming Hotflush)

Joy O
'Wade In/Jels'
Hotflush Recordings

Peter O'Grady is back with his first release of 2011, under the shorter alias of Joy O. His new two track 12" is to be released on Hotflush (the excellent label which released 'Hyph Mngo/Wet Look') on March 21st, and the tracks are titled 'Wade In/Jels'. This will be O'Grady's first release since 'BB/Ladywell', which was released though his own Doldrums imprint back in November. That release was credited to J.O. rather than his well known Joy Orbison moniker, and with this release credited to Joy O the indication is that the Joy Orbison name may be becoming less prominent. What this means anyone can guess, but most notably different styles can be attributed to each of the individual names, suggesting he will be operating under a slightly altered alias according to which style he is producing (contrasts can be seen in his work under each of the Joy Orbison, J.O. and now Joy O monikers).

'Jels' is still to my knowledge unknown to most, and hasn't been floating around in the sets of Oneman, Ben UFO, Loefah, Ramadanman et al. However, 'Wade In' has been building a quiet interest over the past couple of months, previously titled as 'Kissmequik' before information of this release had surfaced. As soon as I first heard 'Wade In' in Ben UFO's 'Gimme5' mix back in December I had fallen in love. The track fits closer to his previous single 'BB/Ladywell', adopting similar house characteristics. The introduction establishes the track's surging rhythm, with a pounding 4x4 beat, raw Detroit inspired percussive arrangements and the steady integration of handclaps. This leads up to an eerie air of silence at the 1:30 mark, with a lovely drop following the deep sample which exclaims 'ummm'. The original beat and intricate percussive arrangement is reintroduced, accompanied by a simply sublime melody of piano stabs, one which seems to continue to rise in stature as the track progresses. It is a beautiful arrangement, one which contrasts the raw sound of the percussion brilliantly.

I obviously can't give any details on 'Jells' as of yet. This is most likely a track unheard by most, as was evident with 'Ladwell' on his last 12" release. However, 'Wade In' was known to most as 'Kissmequik' being signed to Hotflush, so could 'Jels' in fact be Joy O's recent production 'Ellipsis', which was notably credited to Joy O on Benji B's radio one show when Boddika contributed his guest mix. I guess we're just going to have wait patiently to see what Joy O provides with 'Jels'. The single is essential for 'Wade In' alone. Do not miss it. 2011 may well be O'Grady's finest.

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