Friday, 23 April 2010


Deadboy is a producer/DJ from South East London who emerged on the dubstep/electronic scene in 2009, and 2010 looks set to be a big year for the young man. The music he produces seems to blend a mix of genres and influences, with traces of R&B, house, garage and dubstep (an approach taken by the likes of Joy Orbison, Mosca, Bok Bok etc...) all being found within his work. Some have even gone to the extent of describing his work as 'future garage', a style we may be hearing more of in the next couple of years.

Deadboy has two releases to his name as of yet. His first EP, which brought him a lot of attention, was 'U Cheated'. This EP includes the tracks 'U Cheated', 'Heartbreaker' and 'Brock Lee Riddim', and was released on the 7th December 2009 under the 'Well Rounded' label. This EP immediately establishes the signature style of Deadboy, which fuses garage with dubstep. The chopped up vocals and warbling bassline on the track 'U Cheated' are testament to this. His second release came on the Glasgow label Numbers, which Deadboy has only recently been signed to. The single 'If U Want Me' was released on the 5th April, and builds upon the success of the first EP in further his trademark future garage sound.

As well as producing his own work, Deadboy regularly DJ's and has recorded a couple of mixes for a few different sources. The first mix comes for FACT magazine, and this exemplifies Deadboy's interest in the ever changing face of the dubstep and garage scene, with tracks from Martyn, Julio Bashmore and Deadboy himself selected. You can listen to this mix now by clicking here. Deadboy has also recorded a similarly styled mix for the Take Flight Club, which includes a future garage/dubstep sound once again in the form of artists such as Joy Orbison and L-Vis 1990. The highlight of the mix for me is his transition from Orbison's 'J.Doe' into Martyn's brilliant 'All I Have Is Memories', the timing is immaculate, and the selection of songs to mix couldn't have been much better. To download this mix click here.

For more information on Deadboy's releases and live dates visit his Myspace page which is, and I'll let you know of any future releases he has in store.

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