Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox

I don't have to much information on this guy who is a relative newcomer to the dubstep/electronic scene. From his few records though it is evident this man is one of many promising experimental artists, with a mix of 2-step/dub and hip-hop clearly resonating throughout his work.

Fantastic Mr Fox is a Manchester-based producer who hails from Wolverhampton, and he is currently a student at the University of Manchester. He has made a few releases, the earlier being remixes for the Hemlock record label (a remix of 'Yukon' by Untold) and 2nd Drop Records (a remix of LV's 'Don't Judge'). This was followed in March 2009 by a collaboration with fellow producer Rich Reason, which resulted in the 'Plimsoul' EP (this included the track 'Plimsoul' backed with 'Bleep Show').

His first solo work was released in the form of his 'Sketches' EP, which was released under the Black Acre label on the 25th February. This EP really establishes the mix of dubstep and funk which characterises much of Fantastic Mr Fox's work. The EP includes the tracks 'Sketches', 'BrickAbrac', 'If I' and 'Sketches (SBTRKT remix)'. The first two tracks give off a particular indication of his dubstep and electro infused sound, with Nintendo sound effects featuring alongside an atmospheric bass. The third track 'If I' is without doubt the most soulful on the EP, maybe an indication of what UK garage and funky may end up sounding like in the near future. The manipulated vocals on this track work brilliantly and complement the the deep bass, producing for me the best track on the EP.

'Sketches' EP
For more information on new releases and live dates on Fantastic Mr Fox visit his myspace page which is

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