Sunday, 25 April 2010

Penfield SS10

Penfield is a brand I have always known of, but which I have never taken that much of an interest in. Why this is I'm not sure, whether I didn't really like previous designs or whether it was just an immature taste in clothing. The spring/summer 2010 collection has really caught my eye, with some really great designs in the collection which are the best I have seen for a couple of years now. Once again the brand manages to produce excellent products in its area of speciality, jackets and shirts.

Penfield was founded in Massachusetts in 1975, and over this period the brand has established itself worldwide as making the highest quality jackets and outerwear. The clothing produced by the brand is meant to be practical and suited to the climate of New England, protecting you from harsh weather conditions. This requirement though is balanced by the fashion elements as well, resulting in the creation of outerwear which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The spring/summer 2010 line marks the 35th anniversary of the brand, and in order to celebrate this Penfield have re-issued a 35th anniversary Pacjac (as can be seen below). The pacjac was first released in the late 1980's as a lightweight trail jacket. The items from the SS10 collection, as pictured in the collection's lookbook below, can be purchased from a couple different stores, although very few places stock the brand. The best places to find the items are probably selected Size? stores around the country and also in locations where Dogfish menswear stores are based. To find out more information on the brand and to view the SS10 collection in fill view, visit the brand's homepage which is

SS10 Lookbook Collection

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