Sunday, 18 April 2010

Size? Anniversary Adidas Originals Series

Adidas Originals and Size have teamed up to create a special edition series of jackets and trainers which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Size?, one of the UK's greatest outlets for rare and underground styles of clothing and trainers. In total there will be a release of 6 Adidas Originals city packs, all of which will be released in selected Size? stores and online at These packs include classic styles of jackets and trainers from previous Adidas Originals collections, with different colours and styles to represent each different city included in the series.

This collection is extremely limited and exclusive, with only 500 trainers and 300 jackets from each of the packs being released worldwide. A nice addition to the items in the packs is that the number of the item is placed on the back of the jackets or trainers, something evident in the close-up photo's below. The first line released was the London City Series on the 22nd March, and this collection includes classic Gazelle styled trainers and a heritage track top with red and black colouring, and a gold trim to outline the designs. The London series of Adidas clothing had been originally released in the 1970's, but with these designs Adidas manage to update the style whilst keeping true to the original designs.

The latest collection to be released is the Manchester City Series pack, which includes a set of trainers and a retro superstar jacket. The pale blue material and red stripes complement each other nicely, with the gold trim finishing off the design. These were released in selected Size? stores yesterday, and a few of the items will be released in limited numbers online at tomorrow morning, so if you fancy purchasing items from the Manchester city series pack I would recommend that you do it fast.

Over the next few months the remaining four city packs will be released, and I will be keeping you updated on details of these new collections.

Manchester City Series Pack

London City Series Pack

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