Sunday, 11 April 2010

Todd Edwards 'I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)'

Wonderkid Peter O'Grady is a man in demand at the minute, and he seems to be handling this pressure with relative ease. He is already showing signs of maturity that a 30+ year old would have at the tender age of 22, selectively and intelligently choosing the remixes he will undertake, rejecting bigger and more financially rewarding offers for those he feels he can have the greatest influence upon. So far he has produced two fantastic remixes, manipulating Four Tet's 'Love Cry' and Jose James's 'Blackmagic'. His third remix comes in the form of Todd Edward's single 'I Might Be'.

Everything Orbison approaches seems to turn to gold, and this remix follows the trend. With Edwards being one of Orbison's greatest musical influences, respect to the original track is clear in Orbison's keeping of its basic outline. However, Orbison still brilliantly manages to put his signature sound on the work in hand. The original track is very much an upbeat house track, but Orbison alters this, smoothing out the track and slowly building the track until reaching the vocals, which perfectly compliment the chilled out and relaxed vibe Orbison establishes within the opening half of the track. The track will be released on the 'I Might Be' EP on the Scion A/V label tomorrow, but you can download Orbison's individual remix at

This track for me firmly establishes Joy Orbison as one of, if not as the central leader of the future dubstep movement which seems to be rapidly progressing more and more with numerous artists abandoning the stereotypical wobbly bassline sound of dubstep for a more experimental and original sounds.

On a more personal note, Orbison is playing a set at The Big Chill House in London on Friday 23rd April, alongside the brilliant Altered Natives, Mount Kimbie and Darkstar. Entry is free before 10, which is ridiculous although I'm not complaining to be fair, and only £5 thereafter. If any of my friends read this (maybe 1, or 2 of you if I'm very lucky - I don't have that many in all honesty anyway) and you fancy going please do let me know, I'm dying to go and see Orbison play a set and I don't really want to go by myself. If Orbison isn't enough to persuade you, then the live act of Mount Kimbie is my next go to, renowned for putting on a fantastic live set. You really don't want to miss this! (

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