Thursday, 1 April 2010


20 year old David "Ramadanman" Kennedy is a producer/dj who originates from North London and currently attends the University of Leeds. His sound is known especially throughout the dubstep scene for being extremely unique, not conforming to the all too mainstream wobbly basslines common in dubstep, and instead experimenting intelligently with dub, electro, funky and drum and bass.

Ramadanman started djing at the age of 14, where he was greatly influenced by hip-hop and deep house. Aged only 15, he began producing his own music by firstly recording songs on keyboard, and then a few months later by learning to use the Fruity Loops software which his brother had, and which he still uses as of today.

Over the past couple of years Ramadanman has increasingly come to the fore of the dubstep genre, and now has a number of releases to his name on a variety of labels, which includes Soul Jazz, Tempa, Aus, Critical Music, 2nd Drop Records and Hessle Audio. Incidentally, Ramdanman is also co-founder of Hessle Audio and runs it alongside the brilliant Pangaea and Ben UFO (one of this year's most talked about DJ's).

He has released the following tracks and EP's:

- 'The Woon' (single)
- 'Carla' EP (features tracks 'Carla', 'Offal' and 'Kablammo Eleven')
- 'Core' EP (features tracks 'Core' and 'Dayrider')
- 'Blimey' EP (features tracks 'Blimey', 'Drowning' and 'Tak')
- 'Humber' EP (features tracks 'Humber' and the 'Sven Weissman Remix')
- 'Revenue' (Single)

Today Ramadanman has also released his latest EP, titled 'Ramadanman'. This EP follows the line set by most of his previous EP's, providing a fresh mix of dubstep, funky and slower drum and bass beats. This EP also adds looped and distorted vocals to its tracks, adding a further dimension to Ramadanman's work which works well, most notably on the track 'Don't Change For Me'. The tracks that feature on the EP are 'I Beg You', 'No Swing', 'Tumble', 'Bleeper', 'Don't Change For Me', 'A Couple More Years'.

'Ramadanman EP'
Ramadanman's development on the scene and growing reputation was shown in the middle of 2009 when he was selected to create the Volume 7 Mix for the Dubstep Allstars series alongside London based producer/DJ Chef.

Earlier in the year I was also lucky enough to catch Ramadanman with a few friends djing at my local alternative club (don't really know how to describe it) Cavern. Although I knew of him at the time, I didn't really have any extensive knowledge of his output or the type of thing he was creating, and it was after his magnificent DJ set that I looked into his stuff and my obsession with this new merging of dubstep/house/2-step/funky/electro/drum and bass that is emerging in the works of numerous low key artists (Joy Orbison, Pangaea, 2562, Untold, Mount Kimbie etc...) began. At the point when he played Joy Orbison's 'So Derobe' (which was then unreleased) followed by Burial's 'Exit Wound' I literally thought I was in heaven (I'm sure Dave, Helena and Louise would all agree). If you get chance to see him DJ I would highly recommend it, and more specifically see him on the 10th April at the 'Chew The Fat' event in London where he will be playing alongside other big names such as Untold and Foamo. For more information of the event, or on new releases, check out Ramadanman's myspace page which is

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