Monday, 26 April 2010

Julio Bashmore

Julio Bashmore is a young up-coming producer/DJ from Bristol, where the dubstep/electronic scene seems to be growing greater as every day passes. He produces a fresh sound, which he perfectly describes on his myspace page as "an awkward mix of house, disco and dubstep". This experimental mix has gained him a number of admirer's in the underground music scene of Bristol, and he is rapidly building a reputation as one of the most exciting dance/electronic producers around with the more material he releases.

So far Bashmore only has the one release to his name. His debut EP, titled 'Julio Bashmore' and featuring the tracks 'Um Bongo's Revenge' and 'World Peace', was released on the 12th January under the San Francisco based 'Dirtybird' label. Bashmore also has produced a few more tracks which are yet to be released, but can be found on his myspace page which is The tracks to look out for are 'Banda 2' and my personal favourite 'Around', which for me finds a really nice balance between the dubstep and house sound which he is trying to push forward in his work.

Julio Bashmore also regularly DJ's, and in doing so has created a couple of mixes which can be found online. The first mix I came across was his 40 minute mix for Vice Magazine, and I heard this before listening too any of his solo work. This mix really does exhibit his desire to blend house, disco and dubstep, featuring a number of promising artists which are all emerging from these genres as well. I'm a big fan of this mix, and it was after listening to this that I decided to have a listen to his own production. You can download this mix by clicking here. The tracklist for the Vice Magazine mix is as follows:

1. Deadboy - “Heartbreaker (Julio Bashmore Remix)”
2. Cooly G - “Love Dub”
3. Deadboy - “U Cheated”
4. Julio Bashmore - “Around”
5. Son of Aphrodite - “Vibrations”
6. DJ Sneak - “Fix My Sink”
7. Blackjoy - “Untitled (Solid Groove Remix)”
8. Mosca - “Gold Bricks, I See You”
9. L-Vis 1990 - “United Groove (Baobinga and I.D Remix)”
10. LV & Untold - “Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)”
11. Breach - “Fatherless”
12. Julio Bashmore - “Um Bongo’s Revenge”

He has also made a mix for the Curb Crawlers music blog, and this follows the disco-house and dubstep sounds established both in his own works and his previous mixes. Tracks are taken from up-coming artists once again, with the dubstep provided in the form of Untold, and the house/electronic sounds coming from the likes of Foamo and Jesse Rose. You can download this mix by clicking here. The tracklist for this mix is a follows:

1. KSD - Khattabi
2. Roska & Untold - Myth
3. Julio Bashmore - Batak Groove
4. Buraka Som Sistema - Restless (Julio Bashmore Remix)
5. Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (Roska Remix)
6. Mosca - Square One (Julio Bashmore Remix)
7. Sekta - Peterpan (Julio Bashmore Remix)
8. Foamo - Jookie
9. Al Ripken Jr & Diamond K - Hands in the Air (Bok Bok Remix)
10. Sekta - Jabba Jaws (Dub)
11. Jesse Rose - Heavy Still (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
12. Mike Monday - Grace (Justin Martin Remix)
13. MJ Cole - Gotta Have it (Dub)
14. Untold - Don’t Know Don’t Care

Look out for this man in the near future, I think he's got big things ahead of him.

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