Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Addison Groove - 'This Is It/Make Um Bounce' (TEC049)

Addison Groove arrives on Pinch’s Tectonic imprint for his third release. ‘This Is It/Make Um Bounce’ represents both signature Addison production work as well as exploration of new sounds, which prove to be ever so effective on the indelible ‘Make Um Bounce’. Following the ‘Work It/Sexual’ 12” released on Swamp81 back in March, which marks his strongest work to date, his latest release goes someway to reproducing that sort of form. Addison is an extremely talented producer, and nobody can work an 808 like him, as evidenced on ‘This Is It/Make Um Bounce’.

‘This Is It’ is the heavy stepper on this two track affair. Opening with juke’s pounding 808 bass hits and flurry of alternating beep tones, the track shows closer ties to previous works such as ‘Footcrab’ and ‘Work It’, a trait further endowed by the repetitive female vocal sample stating “k y’all this is it, kk y’all”. The signature Addison break soon dawns, and it produces the real defining moment and turning point of the track. The frenzied opening is instantly turned on its head, with a mellow and introspective sound arising. A blissful synth chord melody plays alongside warm diva vocals, elements quickly adapted for the dancefloor by the pulsating 808 bass kicks.

The B-side entitled ‘Make Um Bounce’ is likely to be the track turning most heads on this release. It’s set at a tempo much slower than anything Addison has produced before (133bpm). The style is also different, with a sound that seems to combine elements of the electro and classic Chicago house. A rolling 808 pattern echoes Chi-town’s past, with energetic acid synths bubbling beneath the surface whilst the incessant resonance “y’all gonna make um bounce” hypnotises. The 808 rhythm continues to hammer away in a fashion comparable to the vocal sample, working up a formidable storm in the process.

As per usual a heavyweight release from Addison, going some way to confirming his status as one of the most talented producers around at the present. Give him his 808 and he will undoubtedly create sounds that delight. The 12” is out now, be sure to purchase. Also keep a keen eye out for his wonderful 12” forthcoming on Martyn’s 3024 imprint, due for release on May 2nd. Make Um Bounce.

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