Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Theo Parrish - 'Musical Metaphors' EP

Theo's first Signature Sound release has been thankfully been re-pressed, and copies won't be around much longer. The first in a line of faultless releases on one of Detroit's most influential labels, Parrish's 'Musical Metaphors' EP really is a wonderful 12". Slow moody house rhythms that will warp, leaving you to carelessly nod your head for the duration of the patient builders.

Although an EP comprising of three tracks, it's all about that A-side. 'Carpet People Don't Drink Steak Soda' is Theo at his best, bringing things downtempo with a raw rhythm and melodies that quite simply take you to another world. The track slowly builds over the lengthy 3/4 minute opening, with a looped vocal sample filtering through a retro disco groove, with characteristically rugged percussion sitting beneath the surface. Heavy kicks continually hammer away, forcing movement. But it's when the track reaches its watershed, with deep drones of chords slowly gaining a dominance of proceedings over the disco sounds. In full fruition piano synth chord melody is beautiful, the defining element of 'Carpet People'. Deep kicks and uplifting melodies, it's dance music to work the mind, body, and soul.

'Shadow Dancing' and 'JBs Edit (Wait A Minute)' are make up an excellentely B-side, particularly the wonderful former, but nothing can quite match the indelible 12 minute opener. Theo's best alongside 'Dance Sing' and 'Moonlight' for me, although his back catalogue is so extensive you could sit here for days discussing a list of Parrish's finest. 'Carpet People Don't Drink Steak Soda' is reason alone to purchase this 12". House music with real soul.

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