Friday, 1 April 2011

Scb - 'Loss/Future Unknown' (AUS1132)

Scb - 'Loss/Future Unknown'

Paul Rose (aka Scuba/Scb) brings the heat with a new 12" for the Aus Music imprint. The Hotflush head honcho adopts his techno alias for this 12", which delves deeper into house/tech territory. Rose particularly explores a house sound which breaks the tech mold of his previous efforts, falling in line with recent works by the likes of Joy O, whom released his latest 12" on Rose's imprint last month.

The highlight here is undoubtedly 'Loss', the more house flexed track of the two. Rolling at 125bpm, the track is a smooth emotional house number which indicates another dimension to Rose's talent in production. A solid four to the floor beat drives, with alternating handclaps incorporated after the track's opening. After the 1 minute introduction, cut vocal samples rise beautifully in tandem with a repetitive low slung chord arrangement and uplifting synth melodies. It's pure bliss during the break, as wailing vocal samples and wonderful synth chords come to the fore. The structured rhythm soon grounds the track once again, returning to the track it's dance floor sensibilities alongside a deep chord melody. Emotional deep house.

'Future Unknown' is more aligned to Scb's past work, a steady tech/house track which steadily works its way to fruition. A fast tempo structured 4x4 beat hits away, whilst a repetitive dub-chord melody which acts as the heart of the track, central to all its development. The 7 minute track is a patient builder, one slowly progresses and alters its percussive arrangements. A very solid b-side to the excellent 'Loss', one which finds its beauty in soft synths towards the track's end. Quality 12" from Rose.

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