Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Scuba - 'Feel It' (HFLP005)

Scuba - 'Feel It'

Paul Rose (aka Scuba/Scb) provides a killer jacking house number with 'Feel It'. The Hotflush compilation, 'Back and 4th', released earlier in the week contains some excellent previously unreleased material, but 'Feel It' undoubtedly proves to be the highlight of those 10 tracks. The jacking style of the track is something of a new sound for Rose, whose previous work has been much more connected to dubstep and techno, as evidenced in the brilliant 'Triangulation' LP, released a little over a year ago on Hotflush.

'Feel It' makes its intentions clear from the outset, with the track's pounding four to the floor beat and deep acid chord melody immediately making their impact alongside the contagious vocal sample, repeating "feel it" throughout. The track progresses impressively, with an added synth chord layered on top of the grumbling acid melody, as well claps and hi hats adding further structure to the tracks percussive arrangements. The break functions wonderfully, with a soft synth chord melody and vox'd vocal murmurs resonating. The jacking rhythm and acid chords soon tentatively work their way back, until the track's euphoric drop, where the elements coalesce. The lofty synth chord gains prominence, whilst the gritty acid chords and repetitive vocal sample hammer away beneath the surface. Quality control from Scuba.

Rose evidently explores a new avenue with 'Feel It', and it's one which he pursues with great success. If the track is an indication of what is to come from his work under the Scuba alias, then more excellent material in unquestionably on its way. It's an essential purchase, along with the brilliant 'Back and 4th' compilation celebrating Hotflush Recordings recent work. Fans of Joy O and Braiden, enjoy. Feel It. Feel It. Feel It.

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