Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cosmin TRG - 'A Universal Crush' EP (RH-DC8)

Deep house/tech rhythms from Cosmin TRG. His third release on the Rush Hour imprint sees his development of a house flexed sound further encapsulated, producing his strongest work to date. The double 12" pack for the Rush Hour Direct Current series explores affectionate and harsher sides to house and techno, whilst Cosmin stamps his mark on proceedings. Rush Hour and the Romanian producer have really served up a strong 4 track EP here.

The title track begins affairs, with intergalactic strings sounding, soon given direction by the driving 4/4 beat, with claps tenderly on alternate hits. Glitch-infused synths work in tandem with the soaring strings, and unrecognisable vocal samples linger in the shadows, contributing to the other worldly feel the track evokes. ‘Negligee’ is similar in its sound and feel, although with a more composed and relaxed aura. With a rhythm indebted to Detroit, the track sides with house and builds around a soulful uplifting chord melody which directs the track’s progress, whilst frantic bleeps frantically hold on the surface.

‘Magnetic Bodies’ takes a slightly different direction, exploring deeper house sounds that please no end. A firm rhythm is fast established, progressively accompanied by claps that kick things into action. However, it’s estranged synths and beautiful chord melody which really impact, marking the track out as a highlight of this double pack. The exquisite melody really comes to its fore during the break, free to reign without the presence of the structured house rhythm.

The best left until last? I believe that is most certainly the case with ‘Sirop’. The track manages somehow to sound futuristic whilst looking back to older styles, in particular drawing from Chicago house and NYC garage. His talent for drum programming is displayed here, with a solid 4/4 rhythm providing the base for percussive complexities. An understated, smooth chord arrangement slowly arises with a cutting vocal clip and sharp synth lines. ‘Sirop’ constantly changes direction, building and in turn declining, taking you on a 6 minute journey through wonderfully constructed house music. Very strong release.

'A Universal Crush' EP:
1. A Universal Crush
2. Negligee
3. Magnetic Bodies
4. Sirop

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