Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Maurice Donovan - 'Babeh/Satisfied' (SSSSS002)

David Kennedy (aka Ramadanman/Pearson Sound) intimates his Chicago house alter ego with a 12” release for the Untold’s house imprint SSSSS. Kennedy is killing it at present, with this deep, swinging Chicago house release coming off the back of his excellent Fabriclive 57 mix. The release really looks back to 1980s Chicago house, with Donovan updating the sound and look of the past to the present and indeed the future. The sounds are as fresh as the sleeve, which is clearly a homage to the 80s ‘House Sound of Chicago’ covers. With ‘Babeh/Satisfied’, “you kitties bout to get sum cream in yow bowl” (Maurice Donovan's twitter).

‘Babeh’ gets things rolling on the A-side. Soulful cries of ‘babeh’ slowly rise with snare hits, soon ordered into a fixed rhythm by the stripped down beat. Heavy sub accompanies the claps and hi-hats, developing a deep and soulful, yet rugged and structured Chicago house rhythm. Lamenting synth lines soon arise from the ashes of the diminished beat during the break, providing a weight of emotion. However, this interlude is only brief, with the sub heavy rhythms quickly reintegrated, stirring up quite a storm with every hit.

‘Satisfied’ is downright killer; real house music. The straight house beat begins affairs, with rolling 808s building up a tempo as synth chords work their way into the foreground alongside the wonderful female vocal sample. Things are soon kicked into action here though, with the drop signalling its deep intentions. 808s relentlessly kick, robust toms hammer away, and subs reverberate.

Strong stripped house rhythms, with sub so heavy and soulful vocals so infectious you can’t help but be pulled in by Maurice Donovan’s magic. Outrageous Chicago vibes, essential 12". “MUTHAFUCKAS IMA BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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