Saturday, 16 April 2011

Boddika - '2727' EP (SWAMP011)

2011 is Swamp81's. Their 11th release comes in the form of a 4 track 2x12" from the prolific Boddika, who can claim an equal hold over the year's proceedings to date. Since the release of Addison Groove's 'Footcrab/Dumbshit' the imprint has been outstanding, delivering each and every time in terms of both the quality of music and the artwork in which the 180g vinyl is packaged in. Limited vinyl only releases provided in the finest sleeves curated by Ashes57, Swamp81 have set themselves apart. Boddika's strongest work to date on the '2727' EP further reinforces this ever developing reputation of quality control, proving to match the quality of Addison Groove's 'Work It/Sexual' (SWAMP009).

‘2727’ forms the EPs A-side, and it develops into a real electro stepper. The introduction is intricately programmed, with machine percussion delicately knocking away, whilst toms clash and the repetitive vocal sample sounds. The drop is quite something, with muscular kick drums and heavy subs drowning out the previous tentative percussion. Signature gritty acid synths arise during the break, with hi hats setting a rhythm of their own in the shadows. Bass kicks soon dominate once again, alongside the resounding vocal sample and sharp tom hits. ‘Sometimes’ on the B-side takes a different route, adopting a style close to jacking house. A steady 4/4 rhythm is immediately set, built upon by ever so slightly off beat claps. Acid chords soon loom whilst lofty synths ascend, set into a structure by the jacking beat, deep subs and precise claps.

‘Soul What’ is the track with real soul on this EP. Jarring bleeps and sharp percussion set things off, with female vocal murmurs replacing the latter. This leads up to pulsating bass kicks, installed with perfectly programmed 808 rhythms, intermittent claps repetitive vocal samples. The break is what makes this track special though. A beautiful synth chord melody is established alongside the infectious soulful cries of “oh yeah”. Delicate percussion is smoothly incorporated, preparing for the development of the track under heavy kicks and sub bass. ‘Rubba’ provides the highlight of the four here though, with a delightful synth chord melody progressing alongside 4/4 808 rhythms that transform over the minute long introduction. Heavy bass kicks and razor sharp toms battle away with the flowing synth melody working away on the surface. Coarse acid lines contrast the lighter melody, gaining real prominence in the second half of the track. Fully formed percussive arrangements batter away whilst the acid slowly decays, hesitantly replaced by the wonderful earlier melody.

Quite simply an essential 2x12". The double gatefold pack is beautiful, the perfect accompaniment to four killer tracks. Ahses57 adds the wonderful details and finishing touches once again. Swamp81 and Boddika on top form. You know what to do.

2727 EP
a - 2727
b - Sometimes
c - Soul What
d - Rubba

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