Monday, 4 April 2011

Julio Bashmore - 'Batty Knee Dance' EP (3024-011)

Julio Bashmore provides the goods once again. Martyn's 3024 imprint as really come into it's own in the past couple of months, and it's biggest 12" of the year has arrived in the form of Bashmore's 'Batty Knee Dance' EP, although it could potentially be surpassed by Addison Groove's upcoming release on the label in May. The EP is very good in its own right though, a sign of how far Matt Walker's (aka Bashmore) production has developed in the last few months. The 'Everyone Needs A Theme Tune' EP, released in January, was Bashmore's best to date, with the delightful house numbers 'Battle For Middle Ground' and 'Ask Yourself'. However, I can't help but feel the title track here eclipses the two previous efforts.

'Batty Knee Dance' is most definitely the highlight of the 12", marking Bashmore's most refined work. A track built on patience and repetition, its infectious sound resonates. Soft 808 pads set up a slick deep house rhythm, with claps aligned with every passing hit. Deep bass kicks give the track a darker side, one which is contrasted by the beautiful synth chord melody and recurring vocal sample. crying "oh yeah, we should get married". The latter two elements provide the tracks most soulful moments during the break, when the smooth beat and bass kicks are absent. These factors are soon reintroduced though, returning to the track its well constructed rhythm. Killer.

'Ribble To Amazon' functions in a similar way to 'Batty Knee Dance'. The house rhythm is brilliantly constructed once again, with cowbells neatly animating in spacious gaps. Synth pads create long periods of build-up alongside the chopped-up vox'd vocal sample. A strong b-side to the simple excellent 'Batty Knee Dance', which undoubtedly steals the show here, and rightly so. 12" available for purchase now, with brilliant artwork characteristic of 3024 releases. Buy. Buy. Buy.

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  1. Love it. Off the top of my head, i'd say it's a Jagged Edge vocal sample?