Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bass Odyssey - Summer Mix

Bass Odyssey, 19 year old Toby Neilson, is an up and coming DJ from Maidstone. He currently studies Film at the University of Exeter, where he regularly DJ's in the city's finest clubs for more alternative and experimental music. Neilson regularly plays the well known Beats and Bass nights at Cavern on a Wednesday as well as Lofi-Hifi nights. He also appears at Mosaic's 'Dirty Beat' night on a Thursday, where you can catch him playing tonight, make sure you're there.

Whenever I have seen him play I have always been impressed, providing something different and more unique to what you would normally expect to hear in clubs. His sets comprise mostly of nu-disco and filter house, genre's which I don't know to much about, but which Neilson more than excels in. To get a taste of what Neilson's sets sound like, I would highly recommend downloading his new 'Summer Mix', which displays his penchant for nu-disco, filter house and electro house. The mix is really well put together, smoothly progressing through a number of different genres, and Neilson's track selection is brilliant, with gems from the nu-disco area in the form of Treasure Fingers and a Ghosts Of Venice remix. You can download the mix now on Neilson's soundcloud page at The tracklist can be seen below.
'Summer Mix' Tracklist:

1.) Spiller: Groovejet (Ghosts of Venice remix)
2.) MyKill: Flashback
3.) Treasure Fingers: What Am I Supposed to do?
4.) Grum : Can't Shake This Feeling (Ghosts of Venice remix)
5.) Rod Stewart: Do ya Think I'm Sexy (Mightyfools remix)
6.) Momma's Boy : At Night
7.) Chaos In the CBD : Bong Song
8.) Ludachrist : Pon De Foley
9.) DJ Bam Bam : Club go!
10.) Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo : Fifty What (Dem Slackers remix)
11.) Kill The Noise : Roots
12.) DJ Bam Bam : Let Me Tell You
13.) Wynter Gordon : Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke remix)
14.) Hervé : Zombies
15.) Proxy : 8000 (Sticky K remix)
16.) Kids At The Bar : So We Can Party

A few months back Neilson also compiled the 'Frosty Winter Mix', which again is brilliantly put together, displaying his mixing talents and great track selection once again. You can also download this mix from his soundcloud page at

I will be keeping you informed on new mixes/tracks Neilson produces in the near future, and if you're in Exeter, look out for him playing in Cavern and Mosaic over the next year or so. If your done with all your exams make sure you catch his set at Mosaic tonight, its going to be a big night. Also, Neilson knows what he's talking about when it comes to film. He's talented at critically writing about film, something which is evident in his blog, which I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in the latest film releases.

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