Monday, 24 May 2010

James Blake 'CMYK' EP

21 year old James Blake forthcoming release is going to be one of the highlights of the dubstep world in 2010. His 'CMYK' EP, due for release of the Belgian techno label R&S records on the 31st May, is one without doubt one of, if not my favourite release so far in 2010. The tracks on this EP follow on from his earlier works in style, especially in relation to 'Air & Lack Thereof'/'Sparing The Horses', with distorted vocals and an overall sound that is simultaneously relaxing yet at times heavy with deep bass and poignant chords layered on the tracks.

'CMYK' Tracklist:

01 - CMYK
02 - Footnotes
03 - I'll Stay
04 - Postpone

The EP is more directed to the dancefloor than his previous release 'The Bells Sketch' EP, but it is also equally to everyday listening, production you should just sit down an really admire. The EP is full of Blake's trademark soulful tones and samples, with beautifully worked and emotive chords layered on each track, and also the use of soul/R&B samples with Aaliyah's 'Are You That Somebody?' and Kelis' 'Caught Out There' featuring on tracks on the EP. As well as these distorted samples, Blake's very own Blake is used in tracks again to accompany these, something which can be seen as a correlation between all his releases. You can listen to some of the tracks of the EP at, and

Blake really is one of the most innovative artists working within the electronic/dubstep genre's at present, and he can be considered the antithesis of dubstep's bass wobble stereotype, with his more intelligent and well worked brand of music. Last Tuesday he went on Giles Peterson's Radio 1 show for a quick interview, and discussed the new EP, as well as a follow up release on the R&S label and also the workings of an LP release which sounds really promising. You can listen to the interview at, and you can find out more about Blake at

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