Wednesday, 19 May 2010

FaltyDL XLR8R Mix

It was only last week that I dedicated a post to New York's post-dubstep producer (he blends 2-step, garage, hip-hop and house within work), and since then he has made a brand new mix for music and culture magazine XLR8R. Having listened to the mix a few times, I'm really impressed with what he has produced, incorporating some really cool new work of his own alongside varying influences ranging from garage (EL-B and Zed Bias) and experimental electronic music (Luke Vibert and Boxcutter) to the new forms of dub-house and techno influecnes that the likes of Ramadanman and James Blake are excellently producing. The choice of tracks is great, taking the best of new and recent releases from electronic music, and these tracks are mixed really impressively, showing evidence of FaltyDL as both a talented producer and DJ. You can listen to the mix at, or subscribe to the XLR8R podcasts on itunes.

'FaltyDL XLR8R Mix' Tracklist:

01 FaltyDL "Venus" (white)
02 Benny Ill, Kode9 & The Culprit "Fat Larry's Skank (Original)" (Tempa)
03 Duncan Powell "Pushin' (FaltyDL Remix)" (2nd Drop)
04 FaltyDL "2Step Sunday" (Tempa)
05 FaltyDL "Because You" (Planet Mu)
06 Zed Bias "Raving Bully" (white)
07 Millie & Andrea "Ever Since You Came Down" (Daphne)
08 FaltyDL "I'm Gonna Show You Somthin'" (white)
09 EL-B & Roxy "Deep Deep Love (Remix)" (DPR)
10 FaltyDL "My Friends Will Always Say..." (Planet Mu)
11 Ms. Dynamite "It Takes More (Zed Bias Remix)" (Polydor)
12 FaltyDL "Phreqaflex"(Planet Mu)
13 FaltyDL "Large Flash"(white)
14 Ghost "The Club" (Ghost)
15 Ramadanman "Don't Change For Me" (Hessle)
16 FaltyDL "Dionysos" (Planet Mu)
17 Blawan "Iddy" (Hessle)
18 Luke Vibert "Belief File" (Planet Mu)
19 AFX "VBS.Redlof.B" (Rephlex)
20 Swindle "Molly" (Planet Mu)
21 James Blake "The Bells Sketch" (Hessle)
22 FaltyDL "Body Down Marks" (white)
23 Squarepusher "My Red Hot Car" (Warp)
24 Unknown "Triple Bypass" (Hate)
25 Boxcutter "Mya Rave v2" (Planet Mu)
26 DJ Rashad & DJ Rome "Dat Shit Huff" (Bang Tha Box)
27 DJ Nate "Hatas Our Motivation" (Planet Mu)
28 DJ Nate "Give Dat Man Room" (Planet Mu)
29 Roy Ayers "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Polydor)

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