Sunday, 9 May 2010

Billionaire Boys Club - May 2010 Store Releases

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream have made a number of limited releases of items clothing for the month of May. There are some really cool pieces in the line, however a couple of parts disappointed me. I was once again impressed with the classic t-shirt with with BBC has become associated with, keeping true to its roots with the classic BBC/IC logo, the space age inspiration, brilliant graphics, cool colourings and use of fine materials. However, I felt let down by the polo t-shirts, as although they're well made, i can't help but think they lack a certain individuality or style with which BBC has become so distinctive. On the whole though, I feel this is a strong line, and one you will have to act quickly upon if you wish to find the items.

These releases can not be found online at present, with the only place getting the releases being BBC/IC flagship stores (New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo) and specialised/department stores, with the most likely places in the UK being Harvey Nichols (109-125 Knightsbridge, London) and Selfridges (400 Oxford Street, London).

May 2010 Store Releases:

BBC '4 Real' Polo

BBC Astronaut T-Shirt
BBC Cursive Logo Fitted
BBC Neptune Curve Logo T-Shirt
BBC Sketch Astronaut T-Shirt

BBC 'Soho' T-Shirt

BBC Space Beach Raygun Polo
IC Bar Colour T-Shirt

IC Bar Polo
IC Bar Trucker
IC Bar T-Shirt

IC Smart Cut Leather Patch Denim

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