Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Young Montana? & Stainless Steele Collaboration

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As you'll know by now, I'm a great admirer of the brilliant glitch-hop producer Young Montana?. Ever since hearing his mini mix for Mary Anne Hobbs, I haven't stopped listening to his work, and he keeps regularly producing some great material. His beats are great, and his synths accompany these beautifully, something he controls for his band Delta Rush. His latest work has been just as good, if not better than the material which first caught my attention. These tracks include Hot Heathrr, which is one of my favourite of his tracks, Suchbeats, Mynnd, and also a fantastic mash up of Shlohmo and Radiohead which is so good it's scary. You can listen to these tracks at His latest project sees him collaborate with Stainless Steele.

Stainless Steele, aka Brian Steele, is an artist/rapper from Pennsylvania, USA. He makes an interesting brand of hip-hop, with a distinctive voice, interesting beats and creative lyrics which incorporate elements of the psychedelic and electronic lending a glitch-hop element to his work. He has two album releases to his name, 'Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels' (July 2008) released on the Stainless label, and 'My Top Friends Are Beat Makers' (September 2009) released on the Kowloon City 93 records. His myspace page also displays some interesting new materials, with the tracks 'Moon Ladder' and 'Pure Imagination' (which features an awesome 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' sample) being the stand out tracks. Take a listen to these by visiting

His album 'My Top Friends Are Beat Makers' particularly impressed me. The concept of the album is really cool, where, through mypace, Stainless got 17 of his beat making friends to create inventive beats for the album in which he rhymes over these beats. The album has a more electronic and mature sound to it than his debut, taking greater influence from glitch-hop artists form the Brainfeeder label. The album is almost more of a mixtape, with tracks flowing well from one to the other. Steele's lyrics are intelligent and his flow is smooth and on beat, complementing the cool beats provided by friends.

The collaboration between Young Montana? and Stainless Steele is one which works extremely well, with the instrumental provided by Montana and vocals from Steele. The track takes Young Montana's 'Suchbeats' instrumental and adds vocals from Steele. The two compliments each other really well, with Montana's cool beat and interesting synths creating the perfect sound for Steele's unique vocals. You can now listen to this great track at

These are two artists that have great future's ahead of them, especially with Montana? close to the recording contract he more than deserves. I will be keeping you updated on new releases and live dates from Montana? regularly, from whom I expect we'll be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. (

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