Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dan Monick X Blood Is The New Black

Dan Monick has collaborated with Blood Is The New Black once again to produce a new range of innovative t-shirts for both men and women, firmly establishing himself as one of, if not, the most talented artists who works with the label.

Monick's t-shirts leave a very authorial mark, and once you've seen a couple you will recognise a Dan Monick designed t-shirt relatively easily. His t-shirts are designed for a great slim-fit, with seemingly bland colours which help to emphasise Monick's own photographs which feature as the design graphic that serve as the centrepiece of the t-shirt. Monick lives and works in Los Angeles, and he specialises in photography. Even though I know very little about photography, from what I have seen of his work I think he's excellent. His work is unique and and carries a certain marker with it, it is brilliantly stylised but yet has an air of naturalness and spontaneity to it. To check out his work as a photographer, visit his website, and I will also be posting a blog later today that features few of my favourite photographs produced by Monick.

If you wish to browse more items produced by either Blood Is The New Black or Don Monick, or to purcahse the items below please visit or,5,shop,mens,mensbrands,bloodnewblack. The only place in the UK which stocks Blood Is The New Black goods in store is Urban Outfitters, so if you want to browse/purchase items in person go to your nearest Urban Outfitters flagship store.


Basketball Hoop Men's Tee
Big Drinker Men's Tee
Bubbles Men's Tee
Flowers Men's Tee
Hide & Seek Men's Tee
Ice Cream Van Men's Tee
Pug Dog Men's Tee
Storm Coming Men's Tee
White Dog Men's Tee

Basketball Hoop Boyfriend Tee
Cotton Candy Women's Tee
Dino Roar Boyfriend Tee
Dino Roar Women's Tee
Flower Women's Tee
Ice Cream Van Women's Tee
Storm Coming Women's Tee
White Dog Women's Tee

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