Friday, 21 May 2010

Blood Is The New Black x Designs by Bobby Whigham, Colby Bird, Josh Slater, Skye Parrot, Steve Green & Suzannah Sinclair

More promising releases have been released by the up-coming independent t-shirt brand based in LA 'Blood Is The New Black'. The aim of the brand is to display the works of underground artists, who show promise or meaning, on slim-fitted and light wearing t-shirt designs. I have previously written on the brand, especially in relation to their work with Dan Monick who has provided my favourite designs of the brand's range. The latest releases sees the brand work in collaboration with artists Bobby Whigham, Colby Bird, Josh Slater, Skye Parrot, Steve Green and Suzannah Sinclair. These artists all provide what in my opinion are the highlights of the brands most recent releases, with the cool artwork of the artists brilliantly accompanying a well designed slim-fit t-shirt.

I was particularly impressed by Colby Bird's 'Public Enemy' t-shirt (mainly due to my affinity with hip-hop) and also the works of Steve Green, with his impressive photography/graphics providing the perfect centrepiece for the slim-fit t-shirt design. To find out more information about the artists on display here, as well as browsing/purchasing the items pictures below (and more on the website), visit

Bobby Whigham Designs

Colby Bird Designs

Josh Slater Designs

Skye Parrot Designs

Steve Green Designs

Suzannah Sinclair Designs

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