Monday, 17 May 2010

Ramadanman & Midland Collaboration/Ramadanman 'Glut/Tempest' Release

Ramadanman has had a prolific year in terms of production, with releases moving between sounds of dubstep, UK funky and drum and bass to mention of a few, with EP's such as 'Humber', 'Revenue', and his recent great self-titled six-track EP 'Ramadanman' which came out on the 5th April.

His latest project sees him collaborate with long-time friend and less known house and techno producer Midland. Two singles have been created, 'Your Words Matter' and 'More Than You Know', both sounding different but equally combining sub-bass sounds with techno and house grooves, with Ramadanman and Midland bringing their best attributes to the tracks.

'Your Words Matter' is the first track and my favourite of the two, with a more uplifting tone and tempo. The track is 7 minutes long, the perfect time for an electronic track in my opinion, and a clear Todd Edwards influence can be heard on the track with the use of cut-up soulful female vocals over piano keys and a warbling bass. The track is progressive, slowly building to its peak just over two-thirds of the way into the track. The track is in some ways slightly similar to Joy Orbison's remix of Todd Edwards' 'I Might Be'. Listen to the track by clicking here.

'More Than You Know' is also a very well produced track, darker and more atmospheric than 'Your Words Matter'. The track features heavy bass, reversed loops and an eerie melody that help to provide a dark tone/atmosphere more characteristic of works made by the likes of Scuba. The tracks actually compliment each other well, providing varying tones and styles, ranging from an upbeat tempo and soulful vocals to heavy bass and eerie beats. You can buy the tracks on either 12" vinyl or on mp3 from a number of websites (Juno downloads is probably the most reliable source).
Ramadanman is also flourishing in terms of his solo work, with his new singles 'Glut' and 'Tempest' being released today. These tracks are exemplary of Ramadanman's use of drum's as the main pattern and structure of his work, with the additional layer of synths and vocals to accompany his brilliantly produced beats. These tracks are slightly more drum based then his previous work, more like the tracks he has produced under the guise of Pearson Sound, especially with the tracks 'WAD' and 'PLSN'. 'Glut' is probably my favourite of the two tracks, with a strong and varying drum beat, layers of mournful synths and chopped-up R&B vocals adding the finishing touches to a well worked track which you can listen to here.

'Tempest' is the wider know of the two, having featured on Scuba's 'Substance' mix earlier this year. 'Tempest' is the track which fits better with the comparison with the track 'WAD' with strange drum patters and varying placements of synths that add another dimension to the track, with an ambiguous sense of sorrow and positivity. You can listen to 'Tempest' by clicking here, and you can purchase the tracks on 12" vinyl (from Juno, Chemical Records or Rough Trade) as well as mp3 from itunes.
For more information on Ramdanman, new releases and live dates please visit his mypace page which is

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