Saturday, 19 June 2010

2K By Gingham

Founded in the late 1990's, 2K By Gingham is an independent t-shirt designer. The brand was established after the brands owner's were inspired by a series of t-shirts which they found in Japanese fashion boutiques as well as museums. This led to the establishment of 2K, which works with a variety of new emerging artists and designs sources to produce the art and sub-culture images for their t-shirt lines.

Since 1998, the brand has travelled around the US, Japan and Europe in order to research and scout the artwork from the most talented artists in the world. This is also the same sort of time that the brand started distributing its work within Japan, where it was quickly recognised as an innovative and growing brand. By 2000 demand had spread, with the lines being quickly distributed to the US in 2000, and Europe in 2002. The brand continues to grow and grow upon its previous successes.

The latest line of t-shirts can be seen below, and as you can tell the brand is very much focused on slim-fit tees with a good quality graphic to act as the highlight of the t-shirt. In terms of this collection, I'm especially fond of the Run DMC tee, the L.L. Cool J tee as well as the brilliant BPM tee design. You can find these t-shirts online now at, and the brand is stocked exclusively by Harvey Nichols in London (Knightsbridge).

2K SS10 Collection:

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