Friday, 11 June 2010

Pearson Sound - 'Down With You/Higher'

The second release of the day which I have been anticipating since details of the project surfaced in February, is Pearson Sounds new EP 'Down With You/Higher' for the new sector of Darkestral Recordings, Darkestral Galaxicos. Pearson Sound, 21 year old David Kennedy who also produces under the alias Ramadanman, is a growing figure in the experimental/future dubstep world, and is one of the leading artists pushing boundaries with numerous releases in recent times. In the last few months alone he has released the 'Ramadanman' EP, 'Glut/Tempest' EP as well as the collaboration project with Midland ('Your Words Matter'). His work as Pearson Sound is probably his best, with his first two EP's 'WAD/PLSN' and 'Gambetta' providing evidence of his brilliant arrangements of repetitive and interesting percussion over a heavy bass and occasional distorted vocals.

The new 'Down With You/Higher' EP is a vinyl release only. 'Down With You' is a fantastic track, in particular my favourite of the two. It's very emotive and laidback, slightly more mature than his previous work as Pearson Sound, with the tracks settling around 90bpm unlike the 140bpm of tracks such as 'Gambetta'. The track is comprised of a soft bass, with intrinsically arranged percussion placed over the top in order to compliment the sound, with soulful calls of 'Down With You' completing calm and laidback track. 'Higher' is a lot less dreamlike with its ratchet rhythm, although it is downtempo, and yet still retains a relaxed feeling with the whispered vocals and soft chords.

The vinyl is also really nicely designed. To celebrate it as the first release on the Darkestral Galaxicos line, the release has been limited to 500 copies of 12" orange vinyl. The sleeve has an extra layer of varnish in the darker logos. It has also been specially printed on reverse card with pantone colour and spot varnish. So as well as the great tracks, you can be assured you buying an aesthetically pleasing vinyl too. The best places to get the vinyl will be Chemical Records and Juno, as well as Boomkat.

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