Sunday, 6 June 2010

Downbeat & Breathless Mix

I will apologise for this self-indulgent post in advance. I hate writing about things I make/do, but if I didn't in this case I fear nobody would listen to the mix, so I'm left with no choice really. Basically, last night I recorded a downtempo mix, with the help of Mr Dave Wood (thank you very much pal), which I had been planning for a couple of days. Why I went for this style of music over dubstep/electro I cannot tell you, as I know much more about that style and its much easier to mix, but I just wanted a go at something a little different.

The mix runs through many different genre's, including hip-hop, downtempo IDM, glitch-hop, soul & funk and finally downtempo dub-house. I just compiled a number of my favourite songs and tried to work out a way to integrate them into a 40+ mix, and hopefully for the most part it works ok. I mean the mix isn't great in all honesty, so any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

'Downbeat & Breathless' Tracklist:

1) The Pharcyde - 'Drop'

2) Koushik - 'Bonus Beat'

3) Nas - 'The World Is Yours'

4) Theophilus London - 'Life Of A Lover'

5) Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - 'Methods'

6) Bibio - Lovers Carvings (Letherette Remix)

7) Boards of Canada - 'In A Beautiful Place In The Country'

8) Young Montana? - ''

9) Floating Points - 'Love Me Like This' (Vocal)

10) The Revenge - 'Night Flight'

11) B.W.H - 'Stop'

12) Young Montana? - 'Sacre Cool'

13) Alicia Myers - 'I Want To Thank You'

14) Larry Heard - 'Missing You'

15) Shed - 'Ithaw'

You can listen/download the mix at my soundcloud page which is I wouldn't normally put any of my own stuff on my soundcloud page, but as I don't know the email of the page myself and Dave Wood use it will temporarily host the mix. Once I find out the email I will be uploading the mix to, which will host any future works by myself and Dave Wood. Also you can follow Mr Wood's work at

Sorry once again, I promise to return to new/top quality releases tomorrow.

(Photo by Dan Monick)

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