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Plan B 09/07/10 - Darkstar, Mosca, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Kavsrave & Young Montana?

Plan B have bee hosting some great events recently (Mount Kimbie album launch, Doldrums label launch, as well as Kode9's 'DJ Kicks' launch party this coming Friday), and the venue looks to be continuing this trend with information of its latest confirmed event unveiled. The event is the first night hosted by 'Ballast Presents' (make sure you join there facebook group -!/pages/Ballast-Presents/131756950185609 - there will be a few more great nights coming your way), and the line-up they've managed to collate for the event really launches the night, with these artists gaining growing acclaim for their experimental works in the fields of dubstep, 2-step, electro and glitch-hop. On the 9th July Ballast Presents Darkstar, Mosca, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Kavsrave and Young Montana?, a line-up which really excites me.

Darkstar are a real catch. The dubstep producing duo produce innovative tracks with a soulful bent, and they really announced themselves on the scene with their debut single 'Aidy's Girl's A Computer', which is a movement away from bass heavy dubstep with its dominant beat and percussion as well as brilliant chopped up vocal samples. Also, this year they've had a couple more releases on the leading label Hyperdub with 'Dead 2 Me/Break' and 'Need You/Squeeze My Lime'. Mosca is the artist which I know the least about, but from what I've heard and read he is a promising young artist emerging with the small group producing what has been labelled future/post-dubstep. His style is faster and more energetic than that we hear from the likes of Joy Orbison and James Blake, but it still seems to retain the same intelligence, as heard in his debut track 'Gold Bricks, I See You' where brilliantly samples female vocals are incorporated into frenetic but well arranged beat pattern with a resonance of bloops throughout. Also, listen to his most recent EP 'Square One' which follows a similar type of vein.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the most exciting experimental artists within the world of dubstep/electronic world at present. His reputation has grown hugely after his 'Sketches' EP was released in February. The EP is fantastic, displaying his penchant for mixing dubstep with a more soulful and slightly hip-hop influenced sound, as can be heard in the tracks 'Sketches' and 'If I'. The young producer from Wolverhampton has had a number of opportunities since his EP success, playing at the HYP! HYP! HYP! and Deadly Rhythm nights in London. To get an idea of what one of his sets is like, download his HYP! HYP! HYP! SET from his soundcloud page which is

Kavsrave is probably the one act I'm most excited about seeing, especially after the recent release of his 'Quotes' EP which has been on repeat the last few days, and has had numerous plays on MAH's show. From Croydon, Kavsrave grew up playing alongside big names like Joy Orbison and A1 Bassline, and his work follows a similar sort of trend. 'PClart' and 'Baggage Handler' are soulful and emotional dubstep tunes made for the dancefloor, with periods of heavy basslines, combined with mellow moments accompanied by looped female vocals. His set will be an interesting one, and if it includes his tracks as well as those by mates Joy Orbison and Joker, well then we're in for a treat. For more information check out his myspace page which is .

For regular readers, Young Montana? needs no introduction. I have written about his brilliance on numerous occasions, and I cannot wait to see a live set of his. His own brand of glitch-hop, if I may call it that, is wonderful, so unique and innovative. The tracks 'Sacre Cool', '' and 'Twenty3Skidoo' are prime examples of this electro/hip-hop infused sound which hearkens to the works of Fly Lo and Hudson Mohawke, and his latest track uploaded on Soundcloud is another gem with a beautifully composed beat matched by the distorted sampled vocals (You can listen to the brilliant 'Repetition' on Montana's Soundcloud page - This is a performance I'm anticipating greatly, and I have no doubts that the man from Coventry will no doubt live up to the praise MAH gave him earlier in the year.

The night is on the 9th July, and runs from 10pm-4am. Tickets are £5 in advance and £8 on the door, so make sure you get them early, which you can do so by visiting If any friends of mine are reading, let me know if you fancy the event, would be nice to get a decent number going. This is an event and line-up you're not going to want to miss, and I will be keeping you informed on other great events which Ballast Presents will be throwing in the near future.

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